Volendam & Marken

These are ancient villages (circa 1300) on the shores of the IJsselmeer, formerly known as the Zuiderzee. The visit can include a boat crossing.

VOLENDAM is part of the Edam municipality and has 21,000 inhabitants. It's a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands, known for its sailboats and yachts, and also because some residents still wear traditional clothing. It's a highly touristic village with numerous souvenir shops.

MARKEN is a village of 1,000 inhabitants from the 13th century, founded by monks from Friesland. It features typical houses on stilts constructed to protect against tides and storms in the Zuiderzee. Nowadays, what was once the island of Marken, relying on livestock, became a peninsula connected to the mainland, transforming into a touristic village.

Both villages offer an authentic and unique experience with beautiful landscapes. Take the opportunity to also savor the fresh local fish.