Van Dobben

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The Duchess

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Amsterdam is a city famous for its incredible variety of foods and restaurants. Food enthusiasts won't be disappointed, as there are options for every taste and budget. From traditional Dutch cafés where you can enjoy delicious cakes and croquettes to sophisticated international restaurants offering Japanese and Italian cuisine. Additionally, we can't forget about the famous street food, where you can sample delicacies like Dutch fries with mayonnaise sauce or fresh herrings. Regardless of your culinary preference, Amsterdam will undoubtedly offer a wonderful gastronomic experience.

Van Dobben is a famous lunchroom in Amsterdam. It's also the name of the brand for typical croquettes. There, you can taste these and other cold cuts.

Winkel 43 is a famous café in Jordaan known for its apple pie. You can also find an even more delicious one at Café Scheltema, which also offers delicious sandwiches

For years, Toscanini has been known as Amsterdam's Italian restaurant, serving classic Italian cuisine from various regions of Italy with a special touch since 1985. The wine list, mostly served by the glass, comes highly recommended.

Loetje is a Dutch restaurant chain with over 30 branches, most of which are located in the Amsterdam region. On the restaurant's website, it says, 'When you think of Loetje, you think of the most delicious steak you've ever had. Served in the authentic Loetje sauce. Accompanied by a generous portion of French fries and salad. In addition to these classics, they also serve fish, vegetarian options, and desserts.

A classic Dutch restaurant located in a set of five 17th-century canal houses with several richly decorated dining rooms. The most flavorful dishes have been served since its opening in 1939. If you're looking for local tradition, you should visit d'Vijff Vlieghen, which prides itself on continuing the legacy of its founder

The Duchess has held a Michelin star since 2018 and is located in the W Hotel Amsterdam, housed in the former KAS Bank building. The owners and founders are Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, with Canadian chef Jeffrey Graf at the helm

A vibrant and modern restaurant featuring creative fish dishes with a decor of mirrors and fishbone-shaped tiles.